Twentieth anniversary selection

Assorted pictures taken over twenty years (2004-2024).

Young monks

Novice monks in front of a rusted water tank

Bokor Hill Station, Kampot province, Cambodia

Wat buildings

Vihara and stupas at a wat in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai province, Thailand

Snack cart

Snack cart on the street in Pursat

Pursat, Pursat province, Cambodia

Panj River panorama

Panoramic view over the Panj River toward Afghanistan

Gorno-Badakshan, Tajikistan

Orchha Fort

Palace in the Orchha Fort Complex

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh, India


Flamingos taking flight

Yucatan, Mexico

Traffic light

Traffic light against a sunset sky

New York, NY, USA

Boat at sunrise

Fishing boat and rising sun

Byblos, Lebanon


The space shuttle Enterprise transported on a barge

New York, NY, USA

Bridge and train

A passenger train crosses a bridge over the Daugava River

Riga, Latvia


Women walk past a fountain in downtown Seattle

Seattle, WA, USA

Night street

Partially-excavated street at night

Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo Province, Dominican Republic


Adult male and female sealions

Chubut, Argentina


A skateboarder takes a selfie while being towed by a truck

New York, NY, USA

Fire dancers

Fire performers form a line in front of the Man at the Burning Man festival

Black Rock City, NV, USA


Rugs for sale line the sides of an alley

Essaouira, Marrakesh-Safi, Morocco

Full moon

A full moon seen through the girders of the Williamsburg Bridge

New York, NY, USA

World Trade sunset

1 WTC seen against a colorful sunset sky

New York, NY, USA


A man in yellow oilskins walks through a construction site

New York, NY, USA


A police helicopter flies past the Williamsburg Bridge

New York, NY, USA

Container port

View over the port of Oran

Oran, Oran province, Algeria