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At this time of year in Bangkok, it seems to rain once a day. Hard.
We've been in Thailand for a month. It's time to renew our visas.
A reassuring notice seen on public transport in Northern Thailand.
Photographs of Buddha figures from Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Khlong Saen Saep canal boats -- the only form of public transport in the world that runs on toxic waste.
Won’t you take me to Monkey Town?
The Thai military has seized power - again.
In which I contemplate buying a walking stick made by Major Hillpig-Smyth.
Photographs of wats from Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Bangkok's roadside shrines are Hindu outposts in a Buddhist country.
Photographs from a wat in Nonthaburi, Thailand.
Photographs of jungle landscapes from Mae Hong Son province, Thailand.
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