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A reassuring notice seen on public transport in Northern Thailand.
Photographs of wats from Chiang Mai, Thailand.
We've been in Thailand for a month. It's time to renew our visas.
Photographs from a wat in Nonthaburi, Thailand.
The Thai military has seized power - again.
At this time of year in Bangkok, it seems to rain once a day. Hard.
Bangkok's roadside shrines are Hindu outposts in a Buddhist country.
In which I contemplate buying a walking stick made by Major Hillpig-Smyth.
Won’t you take me to Monkey Town?
Khlong Saen Saep canal boats -- the only form of public transport in the world that runs on toxic waste.
Photographs of Buddha figures from Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Photographs of guardian monsters at wats in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
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