Newtown Creek

Photographs taken in Brooklyn and Queens in the industrial areas around Newtown Creek

The future is indigenous

Protest sign on the Long Island Expressway

New York, NY, USA

Dutch Kills

View from the Borden Avenue Bridge

New York, NY, USA

Someone wants your soul

Graffiti on the Borden Avenue Bridge

New York, NY, USA

Kosciuszko Bridge

View of the Kosciuszko Bridge near Penny Bridge LIRR Station

New York, NY, USA

Maspeth Creek

View of Maspeth Creek from 49th Street

New York, NY, USA

DSNY doll

Abandoned toys at a sanitation department

New York, NY, USA

Mr. Clean and friends

Detail of a “shrine” at a sanitation department garage

Queens, NY, USA

Morgan Avenue wall

Descending aircraft and painted wall on Morgan Avenue

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Graffiti bus

Abandoned bus on Porter Avenue

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Lombardy Street

Industrial area in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Storage tanks

Fuel storage tanks at the Metro Biofuels facility

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Tugboat and trash

Tugboat “Sea Fox” pushing a barge loaded with garbage

Brooklyn, NY, USA