Hurricane Ida

New York, NY, USA

Flooding on the FDR

Cars drive through deep water during Hurricane Ida

New York, NY, USA

By the time that Hurricane Ida reached New York, it had been downgraded to a tropical storm, and the impact was nothing compared to its effects on Louisiana or Mississippi. Still, it managed to deliver 3.15” of rain in one hour, breaking a record set only two weeks previously by Hurricane Henri.

Quite a lot of that rain seemed to finish up on the FDR Drive. Despite recent efforts to improve drainage, part of the drive promptly flooded, with water sloshing back and forth between the Jersey barriers as cars forced their way through it. In the section closest to my apartment, four cars stalled out in the deep water on the exit lane, before a police car was finally sent to block off the lane.

It made interesting viewing if you happened to be warm and dry at home, but I wouldn’t have wanted to be one of the drivers who suddenly found that the road had become a river.