Surprise fireworks

New York, NY, USA

From above

Exploding fireworks light the waters of New York Harbor red

New York, NY, USA

New York City has apparently reached 70% vaccination (which is to say that 70% of people have supposedly had at least one dose), so the mayor decided to celebrate by having some fireworks displays. Billed as ”surprise fireworks”, the mayor’s office was at least kind enough to give us a few hours’ warning. This already made them more welcome than last year’s surprise fireworks, which were often distinctly unofficial and tended to go off without warning at any random moment after dark.

It was a good display, and I was able to find a good spot for myself and my tripod, so my pictures have turned out rather better than some of the other fireworks displays that I’ve tried to photograph in the past. But the really big deal isn’t the pretty lights in the sky, it’s that we’re apparently now at a point where life can start to return to some kind of normal – assuming any of us still know what ’normal’ is.