Shot on iPhone

Photographs taken with Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPod Touch

Puziniškis cross

Wooden cross in Puziniškis

Puziniškis, Utenos apskritis, Lithuania

Ice on the Hudson

Ice on the Hudson River

New York, NY, USA

Blurred bridge

Williamsburg Bridge seen through an ice-covered window

New York, NY, USA

Malécon ride

Ride with horses and Santa Claus on the Malécon

Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo Province, Dominican Republic

Beth Hamedrash Hagadol

Exterior of a derelict Lower East Side synagogue

New York, NY, USA


Soft toy promoting Mozilla Foundation

New York, NY, USA

Sammy Brue

Guitarist Sammy Brue performs at Webster Hall

New York, NY, USA

Dumbo mirror

Shoppers reflected in a mirror under the Manhattan Bridge

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Cloud layer

Clouds over lower Manhattan after a thunderstorm

New York, NY, USA

Hoboken train

Train at Hoboken station

Hoboken, NJ, USA

East River sunrise

Sun rising behind the Williamsburg Bridge

New York, NY, USA

Two Bridges

Swimmers and kayakers approach the Manhattan Bridge

New York, NY, USA


Dragonfly on a wooden railing

East Lyme, CT, USA

Bridge girders

Girders of the Manhattan Bridge at night

New York, NY, USA

Closing doors

View from inside a subway train

Queens, NY, USA