Gloom before the storm

New York, NY, USA

Towards Brooklyn

View across the East River towards Brooklyn

New York, NY, USA

My neighborhood, much of which is nominally at least in Evacuation Zone C, is oddly calm. The lines are a little longer at the supermarket. Closer to the East River, in Zone A, the very old and the very young are being loaded into cars. Otherwise, it could be just another cold Sunday evening in the fall.

From time to time, though, the weather gives a hint that something bigger is on the way. The wind, which has been blowing fitfully all day, will suddenly strengthen, gusting just enough that you actually have to push forward against it. There's real power in these sudden gusts, enough to remind you that this isn't just another blustery fall day. It feels as if the wind is flexing its muscles, getting ready for its big day tomorrow.