New York, NY, USA

Dead fish

Dead fish in a broken aquarium after a fire

New York, NY, USA

One of the small things in my daily routine that always makes me happy is seeing the large tank full of fish that sits in the front window of the 38 Aquarium Store at Broome and Mott. The owners of the store leave the riot gates up until late in the evening, so if you're passing by you can enjoy the sight of the hundreds of red fish, swimming around in their brightly-illuminated tank.

Or at least you could, until today. This morning a fire broke out at 371 Broome. The fire department (including firefighters from the station just a couple of doors down) turned out in force, cut through the riot gates and smashed their way through the tank with their axes to get access to the store.

The fire was quickly contained, but there were no survivors among the fish.