Photo exhibition

New York, NY, USA


Server and diners at Schiller's restaurant

New York, NY, USA

Periodically, urged on by my friend R., I sign up for evening classes at a local photo school called Photomanhattan, in the hope of learning something that might make my pictures a little less horrible. My third course with them (taught, like the other two, by the excellent Andrew Shapiro) just finished last week. Last night I had the novel experience of matting six of my pictures and hanging them up — along with works by all my classmates — for a mini-exhibition at the school.

The class joke is that my signature style consists of “people, shot from twenty feet away” and I was a little disturbed to realize that Andrew may be right when he says that my most recognizable and typical work does seem to consist of studies of people that convey a sense of isolation. It’s good to specialize, I guess, but it might also be good to broaden my repertoire slightly.