Meet the LRAD

New York, NY, USA

Policewoman and LRAD

Police officers protect a Humvee-mounted LRAD

New York, NY, USA

BoingBoing, a popular website among the digerati (also known as the nerdnoscenti), has occasional coverage of some of the interesting devices available to law enforcement to assist them in their dealings with the citizenry. Recent mention of MAD’s finally stirred a memory and made me sit up and say “Wait, I saw something like that during last year’s protests against the RNC in New York.”

Further research on BoingBoing revealed that the device I had seen was the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD). BoingBoing’s judiciously cautious coverage speaks only of the reported presence of the gizmo in question. So here, just for the sake of the historical record, are two pictures of what appears to be an LRAD, mounted on a Humvee parked at 8th Avenue and 34th St. Say hello to the LRAD, boys and girls. You’ll be seeing more of it in future.