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July 19, 2014
Recording the police -- simple voyeurism, or public service?
January 5, 2013
2013 starts with a bang, as a Quadrantid meteor blazes across the skies of the north-eastern United States.
October 29, 2012
Hurricane Sandy comes to New York City.
Rose Pitonof Swim
August 18, 2012
Photographs from Urban Swim's annual Rose Pitonof Swim event.
Manhattanhenge 2012
May 30, 2012
May 30th's Manhattanhenge fails to live up to its promise, providing a few colorful sunset photographs but little more.
Occupy Wall Street N17
November 17, 2011
Photographs and impressions from the November 17th protests organized by the Occupy Wall Street movement.
House of War
April 14, 2011
Lebanon is militarized to an extraordinary degree, but it's a peaceful place for all that.
Cairo for Beginners
April 7, 2011
Some things that I have learned about Cairo and Egypt: useful tips for new arrivals.
Tahrir Square
April 1, 2011
The Revolution returns to Tahrir Square for the after-party.
Signs of Winter
December 20, 2008
Video of an underground electrical short circuit in New York probably caused by salt corrosion.
Detained in Beijing
August 20, 2008
My friend Brian Conley from Alive in Baghdad has been detained in Beijing.
Study war no more
April 25, 2008
Internet startups and Pando face off on the paintball field, and everyone gets covered in yellow paint
(It's a) Burning Car
May 24, 2007
A car spontaneously combusts in the street outside.
Alive in Mexico
December 5, 2006
Another friend gets arrested, this time by Mexican police in Oaxaca.
October 30, 2006
Erin Siegal, Reuters and Indymedia photographer, has been arrested by the NYPD while covering a demonstration.
September 20, 2006
Today, I start my new job at video hosting startup
Lost in America
April 20, 2006
One thing I like about New York is the chance to see live music.
Why I love my Zire 71
November 12, 2005
The Palm Zire 71's 'crappy camera' yields satisfyingly impressionistic pictures.
Potemkin East
October 30, 2005
Drug-crazed Hollywood film-makers build Berkeley on the Lower East Side, call it Greenwich Village.
Say 'No' to drugs
June 10, 2004
Under the influence of powerful drugs in Cambodia - caffeine, dramamine, fatigue and Reaganism.

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