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Millions March NYC
December 13, 2014
Photographs from the Millions March against police brutality, in New York.
Another time, another park
June 3, 2013
Watching the protests over Gezi Park in Istanbul reminded me of similar protests centered on a park in Milan: similar, but very, very different.
Occupy Wall Street on Broadway
May 1, 2012
Photographs of Occupy Wall Street protesters marching on Broadway, May 1st.
Occupy Wall Street N17
November 17, 2011
Photographs and impressions from the November 17th protests organized by the Occupy Wall Street movement.
Flawed Timing
August 8, 2009
Plagues, insurrections? Guess where I'm going on my vacation ...
Free Tibet Protest
March 10, 2009
Some photographs from the Tibetan protest march commemorating the March 1959 uprising against Chinese occupation.
December 17, 2008
Photographs from the 2008 Vigil to End Violence against Sex Workers held in Washington Square Park, New York.
Useful number
August 21, 2008
Brian Conley and other citizen journalists are being held in Beijing: here's a number that you can call.
Detained in Beijing
August 20, 2008
My friend Brian Conley from Alive in Baghdad has been detained in Beijing.
Reverend Billy
July 1, 2007
Reverend Billy has reportedly been arrested.
Dance Parade 2007
May 19, 2007
Dancers vote with their feet (hips, hands and other body parts) to protest New York's archaic cabaret laws.
Alive in Mexico
December 5, 2006
Another friend gets arrested, this time by Mexican police in Oaxaca.
May 31, 2006
Photographs from the UNGASS protests outside the UN Building.
Gardens on the march
May 13, 2006
A march for community gardens visits the Lower East Side.
Enter the sorcerer
March 25, 2006
If rumor is to be believed, the Thai prime minister has resorted to using magic to stay in power.
Meet the LRAD
October 2, 2005
Some pictures of a police Long Range Acoustical Device from the 2004 protests against the RNC.
Occupied Zone
September 3, 2004
In which I get to show my photographs to the Secret Service.
Neither snow nor rain
September 1, 2004
Even though I work just a few blocks away, I can almost ignore the RNC. Others are not so lucky.
August 29, 2004
Some pictures and comments from Sunday's protest against the Republican National Convention in New York.

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