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End of Clarion 2013
August 3, 2013
I think I may have found My People. They are wild and strange and delightful and you will be hearing from them soon.
Art Around the Park 2013
June 2, 2013
A small collection of photographs from Art Around the Park 2013, part of the annual Howl Festival.
Idiotarod 2013
January 26, 2013
Another cold Saturday in January, and the Idiotarod is back on the streets of Brooklyn.
Santacon 2012
December 15, 2012
Where the hell did all these Santas come from?
Coney Island by Night
August 3, 2012
A trip to Coney Island for Jo Weldon's birthday party let me see Coney Island by night for the first time.
Urban Swim Hudson New Jersey
July 14, 2012
The good-natured athletes of Urban Swim are willing to welcome anyone who's crazy enough to get up early and swim a few miles in the Hudson River.
Cross Bones
October 15, 2008
The Cross Bones graveyard in London was the burial ground for prostitutes working in the licensed brothels of Southwark.
Detained in Beijing
August 20, 2008
My friend Brian Conley from Alive in Baghdad has been detained in Beijing.
Study war no more
April 25, 2008
Internet startups and Pando face off on the paintball field, and everyone gets covered in yellow paint
Alive in Mexico
December 5, 2006
Another friend gets arrested, this time by Mexican police in Oaxaca.
Crazy white people
January 29, 2005
Photographs from New York's Idiotarod 2005 shopping cart race.
Occupied Zone
September 3, 2004
In which I get to show my photographs to the Secret Service.
Counting Down
April 17, 2004
In about ten days time, I'll be leaving New York for three months in Asia. My new employers have kindly consented to me taking the time off, so with the ink still wet on my job contract (we have slow-drying...

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