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Rose Pitonof Swim

New York, NY -- 18 August 2012 | Permalink
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In 1911, a 17-year old swimmer named Rose Pitonof swam from E 26th St in Manhattan, down the East River, across New York Harbor and round to Steeplechase Pier in Coney Island, a total distance of around 17 miles. Urban Swim has revived this swim as an annual event, attracting a small but very determined group of serious endurance swimmers.

This was the third swim that I've shot for Urban Swim, and they'd arranged for me to ride on the 'media boat', a small motor launch crewed by a genial lobsterman. When we started, it was pouring with rain and both the videographer and I were somewhat uneasy about spending the day trying to keep our gear dry in an open boat. Soon, however, the rainclouds disappeared, and it turned into a beautiful day.

All eight swimmers - three women, five men - finished the course in less than six hours, with the first finisher, swimmer Elke Hofman, taking just over five hours to cover the distance.


Coney Island by Night

New York, NY -- 03 August 2012 | Permalink
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Our friend Jo, the headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque, celebrated her 50th birthday this year, with a one-of-a-kind show featuring some of the most creative performers on the New York burlesque scene. Normally, when I go to Coney Island, it's for the Mermaid Parade, one of New York's more colorful and surreal annual events. Seeing it by night for a change gave me a new perspective on the place.


Night of the Bugs

New York, NY -- 02 August 2012 | Permalink
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There's no real reason why our neighborhood should fill up with brightly-lit, color-changing giant insects with four wheels. It just happens.