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Tahrir Square

01 April 2011 | Permalink
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The oldest trick in the hotel tout's book is to tell you that the hotel you're going to is closed/burned out/infested by zombies, but they happen to know of a better one just nearby. As I wander around Midan Abdel Menem Riad, trying to relate the gray lines on the map to the tangle of roads and flyovers on the ground, I catch sight of a large building that appears to have been completely gutted by fire. The thought strikes me that it would make an excellent prop for any tout trying the "your hotel burned down" ploy. A moment later it dawns on me that what I am looking at is the remains of the National Party HQ.

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Cairo, Egypt -- 02 April 2011 | Permalink
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A small collection of photographs taken in Cairo.



Cairo, Egypt -- 03 April 2011 | Permalink
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A small collection of photographs of the Egyptian pyramids at Dahshur, Saqqara and Giza.



Luxor, Egypt -- 04 April 2011 | Permalink
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A small collection of photographs from Karnak and Luxor Temple in Luxor, Egypt.


Luxor West Bank

Luxor, Egypt -- 05 April 2011 | Permalink
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A small collection of photographs from sites on the west bank of the Nile at Luxor, Egypt.


Say you want a revolution

06 April 2011 | Permalink
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From a hill above the Valley of the Queens, I climbed down towards the tombs of the nobles. The hillside was carpeted with fist- and golf-ball-sized fragments of limestone, and entirely devoid of any sign of plant or animal life.

On the lower ground, the loose rock gave way to sand. Here and there I started to notice palm fronds and broken wooden laths, mingled with other debris - plastic bottles, a child's shoe. A section of blue-painted wall huddled against a low hill.

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Cairo for Beginners

07 April 2011 | Permalink
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Cairo may seem large and confusing, but it is easy enough to pick up the basics. Here are a few random things that I have learned.

Crossing the road in Cairo is straightforward for anyone who is reasonably expert at the videogame "Frogger". One noteworthy difference is that in "Frogger", when your pixelated frog is crushed by a fast-moving truck, you still have another two lives.

Every single street corner in Cairo has its own grubby, battered stray cat.

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