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Ice on the Hudson

New York, NY, USA -- 07 February 2010 | Permalink
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I went out this afternoon to take a look at the recently-opened High Line Park. From the park, I saw that the Hudson River along the West Side was thick with pancake ice, so I walked down to the water to take a closer look and some pictures.

I ended up walking along the West Side Greenway to Pier 66, where wind-whipped spray had choked the Long Time waterwheel and frosted the railings with still more ice.


Chinese New Year 2010

New York, NY, USA -- 21 February 2010 | Permalink
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"Why are they playing salsa in the Chinese New Year parade?" a girl on Orchard Street asked her boyfriend. It's a reasonable question, but it assumes that New York's Chinese New Year parade is, well, Chinese. Which it is, up to a point. But it's also a parade. That means that in the American tradition, anyone who can possibly find an excuse for being there will be.

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Elephant Walk 2010

New York, NY, USA -- 23 March 2010 | Permalink
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"Whatcha waiting for?" asked the elderly tourist, understandably curious as to why a small group of people might be standing on the corner of 34th and 5th in the pouring rain, sometime after midnight.

"Elephants." I told him. He looked skeptical. "No, seriously. Elephants."

He shrugged, and wandered off into the rain. Evidently he had better things to do than stand on 34th Street all night waiting for passing elephants.

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Mermaid Parade 2010

New York, NY, USA -- 19 June 2010 | Permalink
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A collection of photographs taken at Coney Island's annual Mermaid Parade.


Towers of Light

New York, NY, USA -- 11 September 2010 | Permalink
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A small collection of photographs taken in Lower Manhattan on September 11th 2010.


My neighbors say it with bullets

New York, NY, USA -- 26 October 2010 | Permalink
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We were having supper when we heard the shots. They came in quick succession, in groups of two, with a slight hesitation between the second and the third report.

"I don't think that was firecrackers." I said.

"It can't be gunfire," said M. "I counted seven."

"I made it six." I said. "And in any case, there are plenty of handguns that take clips with more than six rounds."

"Oh." she said. "I didn't know."

And with that, we went back to our supper. Things that sound like gunshots — and usually aren't — are commonplace in the neighborhood and there was no immediate follow-up in the shape of screams or wailing sirens.

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Snowpocalypse 2010

New York, NY, USA -- 27 December 2010 | Permalink
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The bus driver seemed to be in good spirits for someone who had apparently spent the night in a snowbound bus.

"You getting some good pictures, man?" he called. I told him I was sorry about the state of his bus. "I've been here since one o'clock last night." he told me. "We got eighty buses stuck. And we're all getting paid. Thanks, Bloomberg."

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