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Chinese New Year 2010

New York, NY, USA -- 21 February 2010 | Permalink
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"Why are they playing salsa in the Chinese New Year parade?" a girl on Orchard Street asked her boyfriend. It's a reasonable question, but it assumes that New York's Chinese New Year parade is, well, Chinese. Which it is, up to a point. But it's also a parade. That means that in the American tradition, anyone who can possibly find an excuse for being there will be.

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Ice on the Hudson

New York, NY, USA -- 07 February 2010 | Permalink
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I went out this afternoon to take a look at the recently-opened High Line Park. From the park, I saw that the Hudson River along the West Side was thick with pancake ice, so I walked down to the water to take a closer look and some pictures.

I ended up walking along the West Side Greenway to Pier 66, where wind-whipped spray had choked the Long Time waterwheel and frosted the railings with still more ice.