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Twentyten Vision

05 January 2010 | Permalink

I've started a new project, which is to take one photograph every day during 2010, and post it to the web. You can see the pictures at my new twentyten.disoriented.net photoblog. The goal is to try to make me think more about photography and try out some new techniques.

It's quite likely that I won't manage to take a photograph - let alone an interesting photograph - every day. It's very likely that I won't manage to post one every day, as I don't always have access to the Internet. Still, it's an interesting challenge and I hope to learn something along the way.


Paris 2000

01 January 2010 | Permalink
3 pictures

Twitter is currently full of people reminiscing about what they were doing #10yearsago. Ten years ago, I was living in Paris. On New Year's Eve, I put a roll of 1600ASA film into my camera, and went out to take pictures of the city by night, including the Eiffel Tower with it's illuminated 'An 2000' sign (which lit up exactly at midnight). These are my favorite pictures from that night.