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Big Sur

Big Sur, California, USA -- 19 June 2009 | Permalink
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A small collection of photographs of Big Sur landscapes taken along Route 1 in California.


Mission to MARS

Moss Landing, California, USA -- 19 June 2009 | Permalink
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Almost as soon as we passed the breakwater, the R/V "Point Lobos" began to pitch in the swell, climbing briskly over the gray waves as they rolled in towards the land. I took a firmer grip on the handrail and weighed up my chances of getting through the trip without reacquainting myself with yesterday's supper.

"The ship's other name is 'Sobol Tniop'", said T. brightly. I gaped at him uncomprehendingly. "That's what the name looks like when you're hanging over the railing and everything's upside down." he explained helpfully.

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