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Notting Hill '08

London, UK -- 29 August 2008 | Permalink
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“I think I can smell marijuana.” said J. suddenly. “I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked.”

“Quite.” I said. “This really doesn't seem like that kind of crowd.”

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New York, NY, USA -- 23 August 2008 | Permalink
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To help promote a new book, photographer Scott Kelby organized a world-wide photowalk, or rather a set of photowalks, each taking place in different cities and led by volunteers. I've been lazy about photography lately, so I decided to sign up in the hope that it would be something of a challenge and encourage me to think more about composition.

Part of the purpose of the walk, which was ably organized by local photographer Alessandro Rosa, was to mingle with other photographers, and exchange tips and contact information. The people I met were very friendly, and — to judge by the results — very talented, but I became absorbed in my own photography and quickly lost sight of most of them.

It was a good experience, nevertheless. I shot more than 300 images in two hours (almost 3 pictures per minute!) and emerged at the end with a few pictures that I liked. To my surprise, I even had difficulty choosing my favorite twenty to submit to the group photo pool.


Useful number

21 August 2008 | Permalink

I wrote yesterday about my friend Brian Conley detained by the Chinese government, along with his colleague Jeff Rae and several other journalists and artists. If you're a US citizen, please call the US Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee on +1 202 225 5021 to register your concern. Please ask them to urge the Chinese government to respect the rights of those held and to release them promptly.

Update: According to the AFP, six foreigners have been given ten days detention for “upsetting public order”.


Detained in Beijing

20 August 2008 | Permalink

My friend Brian is in trouble again, grabbed by the Chinese authorities, who didn't approve of him videotaping protests by pro-Tibet activists. He and his colleague Jeff Rae are apparently being held with a number of other Western citizen journalists who also offended their Chinese hosts by drawing attention to an issue that China would rather not discuss.

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