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New York, NY, USA -- 26 July 2008 | Permalink
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The very rich, F. Scott Fitzgerald famously observed, are different from you and me. But the difference is not simply, as Hemingway suggested, that they have more money. They also have precision brow planing.


Disoriented relaunch

21 July 2008 | Permalink

After one weekend of furious hacking, and many months of desultory tinkering, disoriented.net finally has a new look. More accurately, it's been rebuilt from the ground up, inside and out. The new version is supposedly SEO-friendly and standards-compliant and a bunch of other stuff you couldn't care less about. Stuff that you might care about includes the fact that the pictures are (supposedly) easier to find, and there's some colorful new content, including some more pictures from India and elsewhere.

Feel free to use the contact form to send me feedback, although if you tell me that you actually liked it better the way it was before, I might just cry.


Fourth of July

New York, NY, USA -- 04 July 2008 | Permalink
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I don't know what I've done to deserve it, but everyone was very nice to me yesterday. First off, there was a free concert by The Feelies and Sonic Youth (thank you River to River Festival). After the show, M. and J. and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, where they kept giving us free drinks (thank you, Maria). And after that, I went out and watched a very impressive fireworks display (thank you, Macy's). And I had the day off work.

I could get to like this 'celebrating American independence' stuff.