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30 September 2007 | Permalink

Hi, I'm from the late arriving American Airways flight. I have a checked bag, and I'd just like to confirm that my bag will go through to Istanbul with me.

Certainly, sir. The bag is checked through.

So it will get there when I do?

Are you lying to me?


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29 September 2007 | Permalink

I wish I could find something witty and amusing to say on the subject of engine de-icing valves, but currently they're not my favorite airplane part. Oh, I appreciate the job they do, and recognize the necessity for them. But if there are any engine de-icing valves reading this, could you just do me a favor and not fail unpredictably just before take-off, causing a four-hour delay while one of your less work-shy peers is rounded up and installed? Thanks. I appreciate it.

I will get to Istanbul eventually, I'm sure. I'm just praying that my luggage comes along too, otherwise M. and I are going to find ourselves standing on top of a 3000m mountain pass in our underwear.


Photo Exhibition

New York, NY, USA -- 20 September 2007 | Permalink
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Periodically, urged on by my friend R., I sign up for evening classes at a local photo school called Photomanhattan, in the hope of learning something that might make my pictures a little less horrible. My third course with them (taught, like the other two, by the excellent Andrew Shapiro) just finished last week. Last night I had the novel experience of matting six of my pictures and hanging them up — along with works by all my classmates — for a mini-exhibition at the school.

The class joke is that my pictures consist of people, shot from twenty feet away and I was a little disturbed to realize that Andrew may be right when he says that my most recognizable and typical work does seem to consist of studies of people that convey a sense of isolation. It's good to specialize, I guess, but it might also be good to broaden my repertoire slightly.


San Gennaro

16 September 2007 | Permalink
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Every September, Little Italy — which over the past decades has shrunk to the point where it's a Very Little Italy — expands dramatically again to take in the Feast of San Gennaro. The streets fill up with carnival side stalls, stands selling food, and slow-moving crowds of curious tourists and locals.

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10 September 2007 | Permalink

In my spare time, I manage a number of websites for a mix of friends, family, and paying customers. Two such sites belong to a gentleman by the pseudonym of Lovat Stephen, to whom I have the great good fortune to be related. Both Mr Stephen's sites have had a makeover this year. Earlier this year, I relaunched the website of the Salamander Oasis Trust; today, at long last, there is a new version of Mr Stephen's wine blog at It may not look particularly fancy, but there's a lot going on behind the scenes and it's full of subtle Web 2.0-ish goodness.

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