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MoDo Madness

30 April 2007 | Permalink
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A small group of mourning doves has taken up residence in my neighborhood, where they can be seen scratching for seed in vacant lots or perching on fire escapes, singly and in pairs. They also sit on my air conditioner and coo loudly and throatily.

They are driving the cat crazy.


Fire and Police

Manhattan, NY, USA -- 04 April 2007 | Permalink
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It's never really a good sign when you see large numbers of emergency vehicles on the streets of Manhattan. Nevertheless, recent dramatic incidents seem to have had more than a touch of farce about them.

On Saturday, as I was on my way to play frisbee in Central Park (I have finally become a real New Yorker), I was a little surprised to find the intersection at Houston and Lafayette fairly choked with firetrucks in every shape and size, from demure little red SUVs all the way up to a hook-and-ladder approximately one city block in length. Throw in a few ambulances and some police cars, and you could be forgiven for thinking that some species of major inferno had broken out.

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