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Gung hei faat choi

Manhattan, NY, USA -- 25 February 2007 | Permalink
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Welcome to the Year of the Pig.



Manhattan, NY, USA -- 15 February 2007 | Permalink
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The weather, which was uncannily warm most of the winter, turned icy cold for several days, and then finally delivered a modest amount of snow.



08 February 2007 | Permalink

Last night, I broke the law - or what might become the law - twenty-two times. Had I been caught on each occasion, I could have been liable for more than two thousand dollars in fines. Shocked at my own criminality, I am determined to make a full confession and to name my accomplices, who include Gaetan Roussel, Jon Langford, Laetitia Sadier, Clayson Benally, Talitha MacKenzie, Joseph Porter, Steven P. Jobs and the entire Reptile Palace Orchestra. To the authorities I can only say “Stop me before I offend again” (which will probably happen in less than twenty minutes time).

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