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East London

London, UK -- 28 January 2007 | Permalink
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I spent Sunday afternoon wandering around the hinterlands of East London with a friend who is well-versed in London's history and psychogeography. We didn't quite achieve our goal of exploring the Lea Valley before it disappears under the Olympic bulldozers, but we did see some parts of London that were mostly unfamiliar to me.

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Britain from above

25 January 2007 | Permalink
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Instead of the usual route across southern Ireland, my flight to the UK made landfall around Glasgow and then flew down the length of the country towards London. The weather was very clear, and despite a dense stream of vapor flowing back from the wing (and a piece of dirt on the CCD sensor of my brand-new Fuji E900) I was able to take a few pictures of a freshly snow-covered Lake District.



17 January 2007 | Permalink

disoriented.net is now back after a few days offline. The outage was the result of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack targeted at another site on the same server that hosts disoriented.net. The site targeted apparently provides information about spam and other Internet abuse, and it seems that the spammers didn't appreciate having their business discussed in public and decided to take it down. Unfortunately, the fallout from their attack spilled over and affected a bunch of other sites that happened to live on the same box.


Power Washer

Manhattan, NY, USA -- 06 January 2007 | Permalink
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Seeing Trevor Little's photograph of power-washing 188 Suffolk St linked from various blogs reminded me that I'd taken a set of photographs of the same thing. I'm doing a long-term documentary project on a vague theme of “people who work at heights”, so when I saw these guys at work I ran home and grabbed my camera.