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James Brown

25 December 2006 | Permalink
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James Brown — the Godfather of Soul, Mr Dynamite, the Hardest-Working Man in Show Business — died today at the age of 73. Here are some pictures from the free concert that he gave in Battery Park on his 70th birthday.


Alive in Mexico

05 December 2006 | Permalink
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This seems to be turning into the 'watch my friends get arrested' blog. Brian, from Alive in Baghdad, has been down in Oaxaca working on his newest project, Alive in Mexico. The site has only just been launched, but they've got some impressive video of the ongoing disturbances. This apparently didn't endear them to the local authorities and on December 3rd he and his companions were arrested (while sitting in a pizza restaurant, no less) and charged with disturbing the peace.

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