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New York, NY, USA -- 31 May 2006 | Permalink
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The UN General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS met in New York on May 31st. Not everyone feels that enough is being done to combat the pandemic, and activists held a protest rally in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza opposite the UN building.


Feast of St Joey

New York, NY, USA -- 19 May 2006 | Permalink
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To celebrate Joey Ramone's birthday, the Hungry March Band and friends led a procession - including a not-quite-lifesize effigy - from the Rock'n'Roll High School in Forrest Hills to CBGB's. References to 'St Joey' may be a little premature, as my spies in the Vatican tell me that the beatification process has not yet begun, but given the evident fervor of his followers it can only be a matter of time.


Gardens on the march

New York, NY, USA -- 13 May 2006 | Permalink
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One of the nice things about Manhattan is that you don't even have to go looking for madness: the madness comes to you. I was working at home this afternoon when my phone rang. “Get outside and take your camera.” said M. “A whole crowd of people just walked down the street dressed as animals and plants, followed by a marching band!” I grabbed the camera and a fresh battery and dived for the door.

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Great Saunter 2006

New York, NY, USA -- 07 May 2006 | Permalink
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As I hobbled through Smuggler's Cove, an elderly gentleman asked me in slightly accented English if I was “doing the walk”. I said that I was. “How much of it?” he asked. “Well, all of it, I hope.” I answered. He gave me a look that suggested that he thought the sun had softened my brain. “No. What is the amount? How long is it?” he asked. “Oh.” I said. “Thirty-two miles.” He wished me luck, and I limped on, trying not to think about blisters.

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