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New York, NY, USA -- 29 August 2004 | Permalink
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Fifty thousand? A hundred? A quarter of a million? Half a million? It certainly seemed like a vast army of people, packed into a slow-moving mass making its way up 7th Avenue under a broiling sun.

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Neither snow nor rain

New York, NY, USA -- 01 September 2004 | Permalink

Aside from the slightly heavier police presence, the orbiting blimp (decorated with a large Fuji logo, with 'NYPD' written underneath in much smaller letters) and the double line of traffic cones marking off the center lane in 42nd St and 9th Avenue - so that the Republican bigwigs in their black SUV convoys can whisk up and down to Madison Square Garden without being delayed by ordinary road users, protesters, terrorists and other members of hoi polloi - I've seen relatively little to remind me that the Republican National Convention is currently occupying a sizeable chunk of Midtown.

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Occupied Zone

03 September 2004 | Permalink

“Sir, you're not allowed to take photographs here.”
“Oh, I'm sorry, I -”
“Come with me, sir.”

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New York, NY, USA -- 02 November 2004 | Permalink
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Some photographs from Manhattan's Halloween parade.